Why Should You Choose Custom Glass Shower Doors?

Do you need a way to dress up your shower doors? Forget about the same cookie-cutter styles that every home on your block has. Make a statement and take a look at how you can customize your glass shower doors.

Change the Width

Is your shower or bathing space extra wide? If a ready-made door won't fit the area, you have a few options. You could totally renovate the bathroom. But this type of major home renovation project is expensive and time-consuming. A shower-only renovation is another option to explore. Even though this may save time and money, it's still an intensive project.

Instead of breaking down or through walls, tearing out plumbing, or changing the total shape of the bathroom, a custom-cut frameless shower door can solve your space problem. The contractor can create a door that precisely matches the width of the shower entry and complete your bathroom upgrade easily and efficiently.

Change the Length

Like width, an over-sized, extra-tall shower opening won't fit with a standard-sized door. To match the length with the door you'll either need a major bathroom renovation or a custom-cut piece of glass. If you want to save the existing room's design, but still upgrade the look of the space, a custom designed shower door is an ideal option.

Change the Shape

Does your shower have angles or an odd shape? If the bathing space isn't your average square or rectangular stall, a custom-cut frameless glass design can create a fresh, seamless look that fits the area. Before you try to fit a ready-made door into the shower's opening or choose a fabric liner instead of glass, discuss custom shape options with a contractor who specializes in these types of enclosures.

Change the Door Placement

Whether you want one door, two doors, or a slider, a custom design can accommodate every homeowner's shower renovation needs. While door placement may not seem like a major issue, a smaller space or irregular shape can make it tricky to create a functional design. Standard doors may scrape against walls, close poorly (leaving the shower without the proper seal), or force you to turn sideways every time you enter or exit the shower stall space. You won't have these problems with a custom option. 

From the size and shape to door placement, a custom glass enclosure can refresh your bathroom—minus a full-room upgrade. If you're not sure how a frameless shower door can change the look of your home, contact a glass contractor to discuss custom options.