Typical Myths Surrounding Commercial Bulletproof Glass Installation

Are you researching ideas to make your commercial business more secure? Commercial bulletproof glass installation is one beneficial security upgrade to consider. As effective as bulletproof glass can be at adding a new layer of protection, there are a few myths that may get in the way. Check out a few of the most prevailing myths associated with installing bulletproof glass.  Myth: Bulletproof glass will change the clarity or visibility of the glass.

Look Beyond The Living Room: 4 Rooms That Benefit From Window Tinting

If you haven’t tinted your residential windows yet, now’s the time to do that. Window tinting has benefits for every room in your home. But, some rooms need tinting more than others. If you’re not sure why you need window tinting throughout your house, read the list provided below. Here are four rooms that will benefit from window tinting.  Bathroom If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors: Update And Upgrade Your Small Dark Bathroom Today

If you are renovating a full bathroom in your home and you want to make the small and dark space feel larger and airier, there are some simple changes you can make. There are ways to utilize the space, and changes to make, that can create a modern and open bath.  You will want to do the simpler things like using a light color on the walls, and a bright white on the ceiling so the space is instantly brighter.

Should You Put A Glass Wine Cellar In Your Home?

Did you know that you can put a glass wine cellar in your home? If you’re a wine enthusiast, then putting a wine cellar in your home is a great idea. You can be able to keep your wine protected and really love the finished cellar, especially if you have a custom one installed.  Your glass specialist can put a glass wine cellar in your home. Your wine cellar may benefit most from being made of glass because of the way it can keep your wine protected.