Typical Myths Surrounding Commercial Bulletproof Glass Installation

Are you researching ideas to make your commercial business more secure? Commercial bulletproof glass installation is one beneficial security upgrade to consider. As effective as bulletproof glass can be at adding a new layer of protection, there are a few myths that may get in the way. Check out a few of the most prevailing myths associated with installing bulletproof glass. 

Myth: Bulletproof glass will change the clarity or visibility of the glass. 

Without knowing a commercial business has installed bulletproof glass, you would never be able to tell the difference. Glass-making technology and innovations have substantially improved over the last several decades. Therefore, the bulletproof factor does not change visibility through the glass or cause any level of distortion. 

Myth: Bulletproof glass is only legal on certain types of buildings. 

While there are typically certain types of buildings that have bulletproof glass, this does not mean the material is restricted in any way. It is rare to find laws in any area that state bulletproof glass is not allowed. Banks, businesses that handle large-cash transactions, and even some retailers use bulletproof glass to protect their operations and the people in it. Therefore, you are free to make this upgrade to your building if you choose to do so. 

Myth: Commercial bulletproof glass installation only makes sense if firearms are a local issue. 

While bulletproof glass is naturally important when firearms could be a threat, this is not the only good reason to install this type of glass. Bulletproof glass is essentially impenetrable through ordinary means that would easily compromise other types of commercial glass. For example, if the wind hurled a sharp limb or loose object at the glass during a storm, it is highly unlikely that the object would cause any damage. The glass will also not break easily if someone intentionally tries to break it during a vandalism or break-in attempt. 

Myth: Installing bulletproof glass is too costly. 

While installing bulletproof glass at your commercial business will come with higher costs than standard glass installation, the cost is well worth it. You are essentially adding an official-level layer of protection to your business. This one change can mean added protection for everyone within your place of business, your business inventory, and even the costs of repairs in the future. Costs associated with property insurance may even go down due to the new layer of bulletproof glass protecting the property.

To learn more, contact a service that offers commercial property bulletproof glass installation.