Glass Shower Doors: Update And Upgrade Your Small Dark Bathroom Today

If you are renovating a full bathroom in your home and you want to make the small and dark space feel larger and airier, there are some simple changes you can make. There are ways to utilize the space, and changes to make, that can create a modern and open bath. 

You will want to do the simpler things like using a light color on the walls, and a bright white on the ceiling so the space is instantly brighter. Painting cabinets white, or choosing a light stain will also help.

The major change will come from the shower. If you have a walk-in shower or tub shower combo, replacing the shower door with a glass shower door is best. Here are a few reasons to replace your current shower door with a glass shower door.

Make Your Bathroom Seem Larger

The see-through glass shower door will allow you to see into the shower, and you can see the open space inside the shower. This makes the bathroom appear larger, deeper, and more spacious. This is ideal for a small and tight bathroom space.

Create a Modern Look

The glass shower doors are instantly going to make the space look upgraded and more modern. You will want to upgrade the hardware in the shower to something more modern as well. This way when people walk in they will see the clean glass and modern shower head, and the space will feel new.

Have a Clean Open Space

Keep the glass cleaned regularly to add to the appeal of the bathroom. When someone walks into the space and they see the clean light colors and clean glass shower door, this creates a welcoming feeling. Instead of having a shower curtain or clouded glass door, the glass will be transparent and easy to maintain.

Consider different overhead lighting if you are trying to make a lighter and brighter space out of your small bath. If the space still feels tight after these renovations, consider adding a skylight to get some natural sunlight into the space during the day. 

There are a lot of different glass-style doors that you can choose from for your bathroom. Look at the different opening and enclosure options, the sizes of the doors, and the hardware that you can get on the doors to make sure that the door is going to with your space.

Speak to a contractor to learn more about shower doors.