3 Great Features To Look For In Commercial Door Handles

The commercial doors are some of the more important components around a commercial property. There are many ways you can enhance them via hardware. One of the most effective renovations is adding new door handles. Choosing a new set won't be difficult if you look for these features. 

Durable Design

Since you're spending your hard-earned money on new door handles for your commercial property, you probably want them lasting for as long as possible. This often depends on the materials that they're composed of. The more durable your door handles are, the fewer repairs and replacements you'll have to worry about ultimately. 

One of the best in terms of longevity is steel. It will retain its structural integrity for years and not a lot of maintenance will be involved on your end. Brass is also another popular material as far as long-lasting design. 

User-Friendly Setup 

If you're looking to save money on professional installation, then it's paramount to get door handles that have a user-friendly setup. Even if you don't know much about commercial door hardware, you should have an easy time replacing your current handles with the new set you purchase. 

If you're not sure which handles have this user-friendly setup, you can always go through reviews from those in the same industry as yourself. See what experiences they had setting up new door handles that they purchased. Eventually, you'll find a particular handle type that has received mostly all positive reviews in the installation department. 


The security of your commercial property is extremely important to take into consideration, especially if there are valuable assets everywhere. You'll feel better about your building being more secure when you actively look for commercial door handles with a lockable design.

As soon as the door closes, you should be able to switch a locking mechanism down on the handle for extra security. Some door handles even have automatic locks. So right when the door closes, the handle's locking mechanism instantly engages. This sort of design will keep your building secure day and night, giving everyone around your property peace of mind.

One of the better investments you could make for your commercial property is getting new door handles. The options are pretty limitless today. The best thing you can do is focus on relevant features so that after making your investment, you can be confident these new door handles will work out long-term.  

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