5 Reasons To Replace Your Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door provides both egress and plenty of natural light. No door is designed to last forever, though, so it's important to know when it is time to replace one.

1. Difficult Operation

Your sliding glass door should open and close easily. If it is jamming or getting stuck, or even coming off the tracks completely, then it is likely reaching the end of its useful working life. An aging door may also become loud due to grinding and squealing in the track. Not only is it a nuisance when the door is difficult to open, but it can also be a safety concern if it sticks shut during an emergency. 

2. Glass Damage

There are many ways that glass can become damaged. If the door has double panes, then a broken seal can lead to condensation and stains between the glass layers. Cracks and chips in the glass are other common issues. Even unbroken glass may have damage. Years of exposure to weathering and cleaning abrasives can leave the window hazy and hard to see through. 

3. Poor Efficiency

Older sliding glass doors are simply not as energy efficient as newer models. They may have drafts and air leaks that are running up your heating and cooling bills, for example. The glass itself, particularly on single pane doors, may also have poor efficiency that leads to a lot of heat loss in winter or heat gain in the summer. A newer door, particularly one with double insulated glass and a UV reflective treatment, will save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to energy costs. 

4. Water Leaks

An aging door may begin to develop water leaks. The leaks can happen between the glass and frame as the glazing wears out. In this case, the glass may even rattle in the frame when you open and close the door. Water leaks can also occur between the frame and the walls. A water leak is more than a nuisance since it can lead to mold and mildew problems in your home.

5. Style Concerns

Your door may be in good condition but the style may be all wrong. Outdated frames, latches, and hardware can drag down the appearance of the room. You may also prefer a different style of glass or sliding mechanism. Updating to a new door ensures you get just the style you want. 

Contact a sliding glass door replacement service to learn more about the options available.