5 Signs Your Glass Patio Door Needs to Be Replaced

Your glass patio door works as both an egress and a window. Damages can be unsightly, as well as costing you in both safety and energy efficiency. 

1. Opening Issues

A slider door that sticks when opening or closing may need to be replaced. Sometimes the issue is with dirt in the tracks, which can be remedied with a thorough cleaning. If the tracks appear to be in good shape, then damage to the glass frame or tracks is the likely culprit. In this case, you will need to replace the glass patio door, and possibly the tracks as well.

2. Water Leaks

Water should never enter your home around a closed glass patio door. If water only comes in through the bottom, the issue could be something as minor as a threshold seal that needs to be replaced. Leaks around the edges of the frame may be an issue with weatherstripping. If water is coming in between the frame and the patio glass, you may be able to have the glass reglazed. This is generally only an option for single pane patio glass. Severe leaks or leaking glass on multipane doors may mean it's time for a new door.

3. Damaged Glass

Cracks in patio glass typically can't be repaired. Not only are they unsightly, but a crack in the glass also compromises the structural integrity of the moving door. If the frame is in good shape, your repair service may offer to only replace the glass. Otherwise, you may decide to replace the entire door, including the frame and glass.

4. Trapped Condensation

Double pane patio glass provides insulation. The panes are sealed together with an insulating gas trapped between the two layers of glass. If the seal breaks, the gas escapes and moisture will find its way in. The result is less insulating abilities and unsightly condensation between the panes. Your repair tech may be able to drill a small hole and dry out the condensation, but the insulating ability can't be reclaimed. If you want full insulation rather than just an appearance fix, then replacing the patio glass is necessary.

5. Gaps and Drafts

Gaps around the frame of the door can lead to unwelcome drafts and higher energy costs. You may be able to fix the drafts with the application of spray foam insulation to seal up the gaps. If the gaps are a result of a damaged door or warped patio door frame, then replacement of the glass patio door and frame is the best fix.

Contact a patio glass service to schedule a glass patio door replacement.