Types Of Window Repairs You Might Need

Window repairs can be tricky. Not only might you need to repair the glass on your window, but you might also need to repair other components, including your screen or frame. These repairs can help you protect your home from the elements outside and keep your home energy efficient.

Do you want to learn more about the types of window repairs? Even alongside glass repair, you may need to consider these repair options as well.

Glass Repair May Require Several Levels of Care

You may find that glass repair is a bit more intensive than you thought. For example, a double-pane window may require two levels of repair. In some cases, only one level needs to be taken care of or removed, especially because moisture can get stuck between the panes.

The good news is that repairing one or both panes being repaired will make your home more efficient in terms of energy use. This means you'll spend less on heating or cooling your home.

Window Frame Repair May Be Necessary

In other cases, you might need to actually fix the window frame itself. Perhaps the frame no longer holds the glass in place or you are not able to actually open the window at all. A professional will make sure that your window can open safely or that you can keep your window closed to avoid outside risks.

Frames can also require repair due to damage to the frame itself. For example, a wood frame could have deep rot that is actually damaging the glass in your window. You may need to repair both components to ensure your window can be useful and safe.

Window Mechanisms Can Break

The mechanisms of the window can also break, which means your window is not going to open or is stuck open. Damage to the hinges, locks, and levers can impact your ability to use your windows at all, leaving you with little or no fresh air or ventilation.

In some cases, mechanisms can cause the window to fall or break further, which means that you might also need to repair cracks and chips in the glass. Shattered glass is common in older windows that bang closed.

Call a Window Repair Professional

Are you uncertain what kind of window repair you need? You may not realize that you also need glass repair alongside other fixes. A professional will help you determine your next steps.

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