Common Car Windshield Problems

Your vehicle's windshield is an essential safety feature that safeguards you and your passengers from flying debris, dust, and weather elements while on the road. However, after continued exposure to external elements, car windshields develop problems that prompt the need for car windshield repair.

Here are common car windshield problems you may face.

Chips and Cracks

If you notice chips and flakes on your windshield, this is an indication you should seek car windshield repair services. Chips occur when flying debris such as pebbles land on your windshield as you drive. Small chips that do not obstruct your vision should not raise a concern. However, if you notice multiple chips that form cracks you should seek car windshield repair services.

Compromised Vision

Windshield problems that cause poor visibility expose you to danger when driving. If your windshield has multiple cracks or has splintered into pieces, it can block your vision, making it difficult to drive. To avoid compromising road safety, seek car windshield repair services immediately. The auto glass experts know how to do auto glass repairs and they can recommend windshield replacement in case of extensive damage.


If you constantly drive on high-traffic roads, be observant for signs of pitting. Pitting is usually a result of minor dents on your windshield caused by flying debris landing on your windshield. The dents usually reflect excess light during sunrise or sunset. Pitting also traps raindrops on your windshield, causing poor visibility. Therefore, if you notice a lot of watermarks on your windshield, it is best to seek car windshield repair services.

 A White Haze Forming at the Edges of Your Windshield

For safety reasons, car windshields are toughened using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to ensure that in case your windshield breaks, it does so in small pieces. The small pieces are usually harmless to the driver, passengers, and passersby. However, if you notice a white haze forming at the edge of your windshield, this indicates that PVB is separating from your glass, exposing you to the risks of huge and sharp glasses in case of a car crash. The white haze can also deter vision, endangering you while on the road, and you should not take chances.

Parts of Your Windshield Are Missing

Most car owners opt for quick fixes to hold their windshield in one piece before seeking professional help. Some clear tapes can hold broken windshield components together, which can deter your vision when driving through extreme weather conditions. If your windshield is damaged to such an extent, this is an indication that you should seek car windshield repair services.

One of the components in your car that should remain in good condition at all times is your windshield. Chips, pitting, a white haze forming around your windshield, and compromised vision are signs you should seek car windshield repair services.